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Requesting the agreement of pet owners to generally be periodically contacted by the NZCF or by a researcher, to provide stories in regards to the health and fitness of their cat.

A charming cat, the Scottish Fold features straightforward care and becomes snug with all members of the family.

Agouti hairs are Most blatant about the ticked tabby (like the Abyssinian or Singapura) who only has the agouti background although not the stripes, spots or sworls.

A Scottish fold is just as delighted soothing over the couch beside you as she is remaining lavished with consideration. Scottish folds can also be rather intelligent and they are effortlessly properly trained to accomplish standard tricks (but, needless to say, These are

Orange Scottish Folds can be demanding to breed, which only will make them a lot more well known. However it isn’t just their rarity that can make them so well-known; They are really affectionate, smart, tranquil kitties that are an excellent addition to any loved ones.

“Slightly around a year in the past we bought a woman Himalayan kitten from Khloes Kittens and she or he has grown...” more

Scottish Fold cats can are afflicted by a degenerative distressing joint ailment for life. This happens once the mutation of Scottish Fold cats adversely has an effect on the cartilage, the most obvious change currently being the bent cartilage from the ear.

For the reason that First considerations ended up brought, the Fold breed has not had the mite and an infection complications, even though wax buildup in the ears may be bigger than in other cats.[one] The issues about deformities might have been attributable to osteochondrodysplasia, which causes abnormalities in bone and cartilage throughout the entire body. Attractiveness[edit]

Fold cats thus have malformed bone buildings and can produce critical painful degenerative joint ailments at an early age.[two] Thanks to these well being problems, breeding Fold cats is prohibited in various countries and a few main cat registries will not recognise the cat breed.

Could 24, 2018 four min study Facebook Twitter Bookmark Record The first Scottish Fold was a white barn cat named Susie, who was found in a farm near Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961. Susie's ears had an abnormal fold within their middle, making her resemble an owl. When Susie experienced kittens, two of them were born with folded ears, and a single was obtained by William Ross, a neighboring farmer and cat-fancier. Ross registered the breed Along with the Governing Council on the Cat Fancy in Great Britain and commenced to breed Scottish Fold kittens with the assistance of geneticist Pat Turner. The breeding program produced 76 kittens in the main a few decades—42 with folded ears and 34 with straight ears. The summary from this was that the ear mutation is due to a straightforward dominant gene; if just one father or mother delivers the gene for straight ears, and 1 dad or mum provides the gene for scottish fold cats for sale near me folded ears, the kittens might be Folds.

By far the most placing characteristic from the Scottish Fold will be the folded ears. This tends to make The top appear round and looks like an owl’s face. The folded ears variety three-4 weeks after delivery. In standard kittens, the cartilage in the ear gets to be much better at this age plus the ear starts to lift.

A necessity for periodic X-rays of breeding cats and comparison of X-ray evidence with clinical indications, maybe bringing about a prerequisite that cats having a specified degree of skeletal improve being desexed.

A respected breeder is devoted to their breed and frequently only breeds this a single breed. The prices that cat breeders demand for their Kittens primarily flow back again into cat breeding.

Proudly owning an uncommon breed of cat is enjoyment, but it is important that you're keen on the cat for all aspects of her personality, not only for her special characteristics (for example folded ears).

Queens Scottish Fold
My name is Jenny, I am a nurse, and a long time cat lover. Working through the front lines of the pandemic made realize that I really valued a nonjudgmental companion after my hardest days. I was searching for a breed of cats that were easy going and cute. It wasn't long before I came across the Scottish Fold breed. I adopted two kittens to start, and they were the most docile and well-tempered cats that we’ve ever met. Initially, we did not plan to operate as professional Breeders. However, after falling in love with the breed and finding that everyone that met our cats did, too, we decided to do our part in preserving the Scottish Fold breed. I researched and read every single piece of literature that I could find about the breed. Pretty quickly, we decided that we wanted to dedicate the rest of our lives to these fluffy monsters. Queens Scottish Fold was born from the love of this special breed. In 2022, we decided to expand into breeding British Shorthairs as well. We are expecting kittens from our pilot golden program 2023.
Due to my medical background, I treat breeding as a both a science and an art. My top priorities are to breed healthy, well adjusted and sweet-tempered kittens above all else.

Osteochondrodysplasia is a disease that is unique to Scottish Folds. It was discovered that if a folded ear Scottish fold was bred to another folded ear, many of the offspring developed a severe crippling lameness early in life. Cats affected had shortened, malformed legs and tail as well as abnormalities affecting the growth plates and spine. Scottish folds should be bred ONLY folded ear to straight ear and are not to be bred by people who are not dedicated to the health and well-being of these animals. We genetically test all our breeding cats for the fold scottish fold munchkin gene and never, ever breed fold to fold.

At Queens Scottish Fold, we take our responsibility to be an ethical breeder seriously and strive to ensure the well-being of all our cats. We are a ACA, and TICA (The International Cat Association) registered cattery and voluntarily abide by their code of ethics. All of our breeding cats are genetically tested, and negative for PKD. All our testing through UC Davis Veterinarian Genetics Laboratory/Optimal Selection. We provide a one year-genetic health guarantee on all of our kittens.

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